vendredi 5 août 2011

Amay and Liège - Police attacked by mobs of youngsters

AMAY - During the night, a cop patrol was attacked by a group of people. The hostilities began when police intervened for an illegal party. Tens of people attacked the police with bottles, stones and glasses. Two cop cars were damaged. Nobody was arrested



LIÈGE - Two brothers had a violent discussion with some shop owners in the popular area of Droixhe, in Liège. When police intervened, the two brothers called for a riot and about 40 persons attacked the cops. A lot of reinforcements were sent to the area to evacuate the attacked and surrounded cops.

The brothers were arrested, and in the cells of the police station they continued to insult the cops. They threatened that their friends would attack the police station and put it on fire. Police took these threats seriously and decided to get reinforcements to protect all night the police stations of the area.


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