mercredi 17 août 2011

Ghent – Barricade and pamphlets against squat eviction

Around 4 PM, squatters put a barricade, the day of the eviction and distribute pamphlets against evictions and hipster anti-squat agencies. They show solidarity with the revolts in different parts of the globe. “No power will stop us from taking our destinies into our own hands and shout our resistance from the roofs.”
Press talks of a second aggressive action of anarchists within a few days. An intervention team of the police gets eggs thrown at them. The squatters made way through the backside of the building. In the neighborhood, tags against police, fascists and for nature are spray painted. A week before, another neighorhood is covered with tags. Police and journalists visit several squats in the surroundings to search for the identity of the taggers.

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